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    CEO - Kim Young-Ju

    The world economy is now facing the period of ‘new normal’ after the global financial crisis which is the beginning of slow growth. Even the fast-growing Chinese economy has now reached its limits and the trade environment surrounding Korea does not seem too promising. Our association, in recognition of such circumstances faced by Korean economy, will do our best to solve the difficulties faced by the trade industry and improve our competitiveness to assist them to pioneer into the global market.

    First, our association will search ways for Korean businesses to advance abroad and become truly global as we believe that overseas expansion of Korean businesses is the driving force of development of Korean economy.

    We will strategically respond to changes in global trade environment. In addition, we will consistently expand our field of activity in foreign trade through further private economic cooperation.

    We will promptly respond to overseas expansion of new businesses, change in trade and industrial structure, promote creative economy, and take lead in revising various regulations and systems unfit for global standard.

    Moreover, we will humbly care for even the smallest inquiries and proactively search as well as resolve trade issues and regulations through continuous communication with related parties in the trade industry.

    It is time for the trade industry to come together and arm themselves with ‘global business mindset’ and establish ‘world-class trade nation’ under this uncertain, unpredictable global economy. Korea International Trade Association will be in full support of Korean trade industry in this regard.

    Thank you.
    KIM, Young Ju

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