• K-Seafood to Penetrate Indonesian Hallal Market
    2016-10-04 hit 1502

    K-Seafood to Penetrate Indonesian Hallal Market

    -KITA and MOF jointly held seafood promotion marketing in Jakarta, Indonesia-

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held the ‘K-Seafood Marketing Promotion’ with twelve Korean seafood companies at Jakarta in Indonesia for three days from September 30th (local time). 


    This event, jointly held by KITA and the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries (Minister, Kim Young-suk), began in Chengdu, China at the end of August and will continue in Shanghai, New York, etc. by combining various food cultures of local markets with a view to supporting Korean exporters of seafood to make inroads into overseas markets as well as to market their products.   

    In particular, during the event at Jakarta, there were promotion events, jointly held with Korean large supermarkets who have entered into the region, such as samplings as well as cooking shows at local markets and one on one export consultation meetings with big buyers to target halal market in which Korean seafood exporters are rather inactive.

    In the one on one consultation session, thirty-three big buyers, including seafood importers, restaurant chains, big supermarket chains, etc., participated and had meetings with twelve Korean seafood companies. CEO of one of the participating companies said “I am surprised because there are more buyers than Korean companies.” The CEO also mentioned “I’d like to build business connections as there are many credible buyers in terms of size of the companies and purchasing power.”

    Moreover, there were promotion events at Lotte Mart in the northeast area of Jakarta which is densely populated with Koreans and Chinese residents fro two days from October 1st (local time). One of the companies who participated in the sampling event said “It was a good opportunity to have immediate responses from the local consumers regarding the taste of the products, package design and price. We will introduce the products that can satisfy the local consumers’ tastes.”

    Kwon Do-kyem, head of KITA’s Jakarta Center stated “This K-Seafood promotion event must have been an opportunity for the participating companies to actually experience the importance of halal market as well as to raise awareness of Korean seafood.” He also added “We will generate actual performances by providing active following supports such as halal food certification system.”

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