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  • KITA held 2017 Tmall? Business Strategy and New Business Direction Seminar

    KITA held 2017 Tmall· Business Strategy and New Business Direction Seminar


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) and China’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group jointly held “2017 Tmall· Business Strategy and New Business Direction Seminar at COEX, Seoul, on 5th (Monday) afternoon to commemorate the 53th Trade Day. 


    This seminar is designed to provide online marketing strategies for Korean exporters to China to make inroads into the local consumer goods market. In the seminar, Alibaba Group's China's largest B2C platform Tmall and B2B platform announced their business directions and strategies for the next year. In particular, Tmall introduced its new overseas direct sales service that purchases brand products and sells them and the implementation strategies for effective digital marketing.


    Kim Ki-hyun, head of B2C Service Department at KITA, said “According to the National Statistical Office, in the third quarter of 2016, the overseas direct sales to China amounted to KRW 437.1 billion (79.3% of total sales by country) and the Chinese e-commerce market will grow further with the growth of middle and high classes as well as the advent of younger generation who enjoys consumption.” He also added “To meet these market trends, Korean companies are required to thoroughly prepare to enter into Chinese online consumer market by understanding the Chinese online market, raising brand awareness and building logistics and customer service response system.


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