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  • Trade Experts with 30 Years of Experience are Active in Field of Export for 10 Years

    Trade Experts with 30 Years of Experience are Active in Field of Export for 10 Years

    -KITA held a launch ceremony for Trade Advisory Committee with 43 members - 
    - 10th anniversary of on-site advisory committee system, positioning as a window for solving export problems of small and medium enterprises -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held a "2017 Trade Advisory Committee Launch Ceremony" at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong, Seoul on 24th. KITA announced that the trade advisory committee consisted of 43 members would make a full-fledged effort to resolve the trade difficulties of small and medium-sized companies and support their advancement into overseas markets. 


    The advisory committee is a group of export experts who have accumulated export know-how and overseas marketing experiences for over 30 years in large trading companies such as Samsung, LG, Daewoo, and SK. They are located to local areas in Korea and solve the difficulties that companies face during the entire process of exporting, including overseas market research, marketing activities, finding buyers, customs / logistics, contracts and settlement.


    Since its launch in 2007 as the "Trade Site Support Team", the Trade Site Advisory Support Program has become a representative channel for supporting the development of SMEs export markets for 10 years. The program started with 11 advisors, but thereafter the demand for on-site support from SMEs continued to increase. Therefore, since 2014, the committee has expanded the number of advisors to 40 and it has become a representative export helper service of KITA by resolving over 10,000 export difficulties each year.


    The trade site advisory service has been able to settle the export problems of the industry over the last 10 years thanks to the field advisors’ hard work. They have dealt with an average of 366 on-site issues a year, more than one problem each day. Son Il-kyun who has been working as an advisory committee member at Gyeongnam Province for five years said, "It is hard to stand without enterprising and service spirit." He recalled his past activities and added "The driving force of the advisory committee is merely rewarding. It was the moment when a president who had not even thought about exporting accomplished the first export and jumped and appreciated it." 


    Mr. Son is not the only member of the committee who asserts that 'rewarding' is the driving force of the activities of the advisory committee. Moon Jung-soo, who has been living his second life as an advisory member since 2014, said, "I realize why I am doing this when l hear the voices of employees who are excited to receive orders." He also said, "I feel great reward when I mentor export-beginners." He is a trade expert who worked in Samsung C&T for about 30 years until 2011.


    On the other hand, this year, the advisors will focus on 'online export businesses' along with comprehensive consultation. KITA is planning to provide the companies who receive consultation service with the production of English websites for free of charge as well as the support to find buyers by utilizing online marketing platforms such as KITA’s DB of 1.5 million buyers, TradeKorea and Kmall24, etc.


    Kim Jeong-kwan, vice chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said at the launch ceremony, "Since the average career experience of the advisors is 27.8 years, we will make efforts to solve the difficulties of the field of trade industry by utilizing their valuable know-how."


    Consultation service with the advisors will be available via Trade Call Center (1566-5144) or ‘TradeSOS’ website (, the online system to resolve trade difficulties.  

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