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  • Older Generations Raise Their Value via Reemployment Training!

    Older Generations Raise Their Value via Reemployment Training!

    - KITA’s re-jump program has produced some 800 graduates, the average employment rate is 40 percent -

      - Lifelong Career Design Service for older generations will educate 320 participants - 


    The re-jump program for re-employment run by the Korea International Trade Association's Senior Career Center for older generations is gaining a good reputation from job seekers. The re-jump program has 140 participants every year, and 800 people have completed the program so far. The average employment rate is above 40 percent. Job-seekers who have completed training are also provided with one-on-one customized consultation, job placement, and club activities.


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) opened a job hunting center in 2010 to support job-seeking for middle-aged retirees and recruitment of skilled workers of the small and medium-sized companies. A total of 11,528 job-seekers were successfully re-employed by the end of June in 2017.


    Mr. K (45 years old), who completed the re-jump program in 2017, was an overseas sales specialist in Indonesia. He was successfully hired by the company N, a representative sports company, in support with the center in one month after the graduation. He said, "Actually, I did not know anything about re-employment skills because I only reside abroad. I think that the resume writing and mock interview training I learned during the training seemed to play a big role in the success of re-employment." He also did not forget to say that he will make efforts to make inroads into the overseas markets with gratitude.  


    Mr. L (52 years old), who used to be an engineer at Samsung Heavy Industries and Renault, looked for a job for ten months after he voluntarily retired, but he was unable to find a job. While he was shaving a hard time, he participated in the re-jump program by chance and succeeded to be re-hired.  Usually, when job seekers do not have any contact from the company after interviews, they are likely to be disappointed and do not do anything. However, in the case of Mr. L, when he did not receive a notification of acceptance, he wrote his portfolio through the education, visited the person in charge of corporate HR, and actively appealed his professionalism. Afterwards, he was able to have a job as a marketing team leader at a car part manufacturer.


    In addition to the re-jump program, the Senior Career Center has been providing Lifelong Career Design Service for employees as well as job seekers since this year. Lifelong Career Design Service is a training program to provide education in advance, to be prepared for the life after retirement, including the long-term needs of the workforce, home, leisure, and finance. This year, 320 participants will take part in the training.


    Kim Hak-joon, head of the Senior Career Center at KITA, said We will continue to expand the retraining that will be practically helpful to support the employment of baby boomer retirees who have contributed to the economic development of our country. He also advised "Companies should also make full use of the middle-aged professionals who have abundant experience and know-how."

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