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  • KITA Sent First Trade Delegation After Recovery of Korea-China Relations

    KITA Sent First Trade Delegation After Recovery of Korea-China Relations

    -  To expand market entry into China though big cities such as Shanghai and Beijing -


    The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) sent trade facilitation delegation to China for the first time at the private level after the announcement of the agreement on THAAD between Korea and China. 


    A total of 29 companies participated in the delegation, and they visited Shanghai and Beijing in China for 5 days from November 13, Monday. The team mainly consisted of the businesses of consumer goods such as food, cosmetics, household goods, and fashion items. On November 14, the participants had one on one business consultation meetings with more than 100 Chinese buyers in Shanghai. They continued to have the consultation meetings In Beijing, they had on November 16.


    Many promising buyers from China participated in the meeting and showed their great interest in Korean consumer goods such as cosmetics and food. An official from Lamy Cosmetics who participated in the delegation said “There were not many big buyers last June. However, we had a consultation meeting with a big buyer such as jingdong this year. We expect positive results as practical consultations were carried out.”


    Lee Sang-il, head of KITAs China Branch forecasted As the relations between Korea and China show a recovery, Koreas exports of consumer goods to China are likely to increase. He also stated In order for Korean companies to enter into the Chinese market, Made for China Strategy to develop products customized for the Chinese market is important.


    In the meantime, the Korea International Trade Association will hold consultation meetings by inviting online shopping mall buyers of Chinese home shopping in the end of November. The organization is planning to actively support the small and medium-sized companies to enter into the Chinese market by sending the delegations three or four times China next year as well.


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