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  • KITA held "Trade Center Sharing Bazaar with the Trade Industry"

    KITA held "Trade Center Sharing Bazaar with the Trade Industry"


    -  More than 40,000 donations from 170 small and medium-sized companies as well as

    the employees of Trade Center -



    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) held the "Trade Center Sharing Bazaar with the Trade Industry" at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, on December 8, Friday, to mark the Trade Day.


    More than 40,000 items were donated by 170 business partners for the bazaar, which was held with the Beautiful Store. In particular, Hanwell donated some 12,000 of its own products, and companies, who were not able to donate their own manufactured or exported products, actively participated in the sharing by donating their employees' personal belongings. In addition, the directors and employees of the companies who have offices in the Trade Center such as the Korea International Trade Association and COEX, collected around 1,300 donation items and took part in the year-end sharing event.


    During the event, a variety of items including cosmetics, clothing, accessories, food products, and daily necessities and the donated products by the executive members and employees of the Trade Center were sold. The Korea International Trade Association ran a public relations pavilions of the participating companies at the bazaar and conducted various events for the customers who purchased the donated items, such as providing souvenirs, painting eco-bag, and making eco-friendly bracelets.


    The proceeds from the bazaar will be used to help neighborhoods who need social support through donations to residents in areas suffering from the Pohang earthquake and the Beautiful Store’s ‘Beautiful Sharing of Hope’ project.


    Kim Hak-joon, head of Member Support Department at KITA, said, "This bazaar is a meaningful event that was organized by the voluntary participation of the trading companies to help needy neighbors. We expect that this event will be an opportunity to warm our society."

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