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  • Seven Keys to Successfully Utilize ICT Exhibitions

    Seven Keys to Successfully Utilize ICT Exhibitions

    -    KITA held a seminar on ‘ICT / IoT Overseas Expansion Promotion Strategy through CES/MWC 2018’ -


    Following the ‘CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Show)’, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, which was held in Las Vegas, USA, in the early January, the ‘MWC 2018 (Mobile World Congress)' will take place in Barcelona, Spain from February 26 to March 1. The event is attracting attention not only from the IT industries all over the world but also from other various industries.


    These exhibitions are attracting increasing attention as time goes by because they are the competition venues for innovative technologies not only for consumer electronics or mobiles but also ICT, IoT, AR / VR, AI, robotics, big data, cloud computing and drones that are to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. In the events, people can see the latest trends at a glance. 214 Korean companies participated in CES 2018 in January and some 200 companies are planning to participate in MWC 2018 in the end of February. 


    In the meantime, the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) presented ‘Seven Keys to Successfully Utilize ICT Exhibitions’, which highlighted the seven ways to utilize exhibition for the companies participating in these high-tech exhibitions. The followings are the success keys that the Korea International Trade Association presented at the seminar titled ‘‘ICT / IoT Overseas Expansion Promotion Strategy through CES/MWC 2018’ held at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong, Seoul on January 30, Tuesday.  


    Pre-Preparation Matters

    180,000 participants visit CES and more than 100,000 people participate in MWC. Most of them are likely to make decisions in advance which booths to visit. Therefore, you need to attract visitors through pre-marketing. The exhibition booth should be impressively designed to attract visitors. If you use an interpreter, make sure to give them enough pre-training on technology and products.


    Emphasize the Key Technology

    CES and MWC are the competition venues for innovative technologies. Even in the case of IFA (International Consumer Electronics Limited), also known as one of the world's top three technology exhibition, it is very difficult to participate in these exhibitions without any innovative technology. Key competencies and technologies should be highlighted in the equipments and posters to be installed in the exhibition hall and brochures distributed to buyers.


    Buyers First

    You need to stand up to greet buyers and respond to them seriously. Talking with marketers who run booths or talking or hanging on their cell phones are the actions to give up on buyers. It is important to have a positive and earnest attitude to make notes about the consultation contents with buyers and their requirements. The MWC will be held right after the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, thus, Olympic souvenirs could be a good gift for buyers.


    Trust is Key for Deals

    It is important to consistently participate in the exhibitions and it is difficult to expect a big hit with participation once. The success rate of the exhibition is proportional to the number of times of participation as the buyers trust the companies that they have met. Trade history (reference) with KT, SK and other Korean telecom companies, as well as Korean and foreign reputable companies, and certificates from government or international organizations improve the reliability of the companies.


    Utilize Local Supports

    During the period of MWC 2018, the Korea International Trade Association will cooperate with EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), a European company network, to hold a business-to-business (B2B) business meeting between exhibitors and visiting buyers. In addition, the KOTRA Trade Center will provide a list of potential buyers, and the Information and Communications Technology Industry Association will also provide local business meetings. Therefore, it will be useful to utilize those supports.  


    Observe Competitors

    CES and MWC are full of a variety of technologies that will lead the fourth industry, and high-tech technologies that make the audience cheer. The exhibitions are all about boasting your products and selling them but it is also a great opportunity to study trends of the leading companies and competing companies, and find directions to evolve your business.


    The Outcome Is Up To Follow-up Measures

    It is rare that contracts for innovative technologies, including ICT, are concluded at an exhibition. After introducing the technology and products enough at exhibitions, you must estimate the performance through the follow-up management. When it comes to follow-up measures, it’s always the faster, the better. However, you also need to consider more about communication rather than business itself.


    Cho Hak-hee at KITA said, While 200 Korean companies participated in CES 2018, 1,400 Chinese companies, which was one third of the entire participating companies, took part in the event. MWC 2018 will have the similar situation. He also mentioned, In order to be prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Korea International Trade Association will strengthen the supports for the small and medium-sized companies to enter into overseas markets in the areas of new technologies such as ICT / IoT.   


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