• NextRise 2019 Showed True Characteristics of Global Startup Fair
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               NextRise 2019 Showed True Characteristics of Global Startup Fair

    -  830 companies from all over the world participated 1:1 meet-ups for startup connection·share·growth, pitching, lectures were carried out  -


    More than 8,000 startup officials visited ‘NextRise 2019, Seoul’, held at COEX in Samseong-dong for two days from July 23rd and the event reaffirmed its status as Korea’s largest and the finest startup fair. 


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) and the Korea Development Bank co-hosted the event with the Venture Capital Association, and the National Research Council of Science & Technology. 830 companies including global conglomerates such as Samsung, Amazon and Lenovo, unicorns like Go-Jek and venture capitals (VC) participated in various events such as startup exhibitions, one-on-one meet-ups, lectures by experts, and angel investor networking.


    For 'connection' and 'growth' among members of the startup ecosystem, startup exhibitions and one-on-one meet-ups between Korean and overseas conglomerates-VC-Unicorn companies were carried out. At the exhibition, 36 overseas startups and 158 Korean startups set up booths and held 7,700 consultations with domestic and foreign investors, companies and consumers, demonstrated their products and solutions, and conducted pitching. At the meet-ups between the global conglomerate-VC-Unicorns, over 1,100 meetings were conducted to seek practical ways to collaborate, such as technology alliance, joint R & D, and new investment attraction.


    Wayskin, the startup of skin diagnosis device, participated in one-on-one meet-up and said, "We signed an agreement to develop artificial intelligence (AI) skin diagnostic services with BASF of Germany in the first half of this year. But, the follow-up negotiations were not progressive. They expressed their expectation for the future performance by saying, BASF officials promised a substantial follow-up of the agreement at this meeting. 


    A BASF official said, “Global companies like us have difficulties internalizing all technologies related to the 4th Industrial Revolution, including AI,” and added, If we supply raw materials and Wayskin provides AI-based skincare services, we can create win-win results.


    Cho Sang-hyun, head of Global Startup Center at the Korea International Trade Association, stated, Through the event, the Korea Development Bank, the largest player in venture and startup investment area, and the Korea International Trade Association that has the global business expansion network have created desirable business collaboration model. He also mentioned, The association will continue to support COEX TESTBED, operation of open innovation integrated platform and scale-up and globalization of startups in more various ways.







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