• KITA Held ‘Korea-Japan Future Cooperation Partnership Dialogue’
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    KITA Held Korea-Japan Future Cooperation Partnership Dialogue’


    - Non-governmental event designed to promote bilateral reconciliation and cooperation some 150 business people from both countries participated -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) held ‘Korea-Japan Future Cooperation Partnership Dialogue’ at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on November 12th.


    This non-governmental event was designed to suggest future vision of the Korea-Japan relations and to promote cooperation between the two countries. Some 150 entrepreneurs from both countries participated in the event along with Chairman Kim Young-ju of the Korea International Trade Association and Chairman Tomoyuki Moriyama of the Seoul Japan Club.


    Chairman Kim Young-ju said in his opening speech, “I hope we can come up with wisdom that can progress the two countries’ relationship and cooperation through future-oriented discussion,” and also emphasized, “As Japan has named next imperial era to be ‘Reiwa’, which means peace and harmony, I hope today’s event will serve as a stepping stone to develop the relationship between Korea and Japan.


    Under the theme of ‘Korea-Japan Relations, Partners to Go Together,’ a pro-Korea Japanese Professor Yukiko Fukagawa of Waseda University and Professor Lee Won-deok of Japanese Studies at Kookmin University delivered presentations.


    Professor Won-deok Lee said in his presentation, “We need to view Korea-Japan relations in the context of the two countries, the Korean Peninsula, East Asia, and global areas, and also mentioned, “We need to expand the issues of cooperation to culture, environmental information and science and technology, and to diversify cooperation partners, including the civil society, academia, businesses and local governments."


    In the discussion titled 'Suggestions and Dialogues for Economic Cooperation to Lead Korea-Japan Relations', LG Economic Research Institute's advisor Lee Ji-pyeong attended as a moderator, CEO Kim Cheon-ju of Canon Korea Business Solutions, Chairman Tanaka Masashi of the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival Committee and Rodney Johnson,  and Co-founder of the Korea Business Leaders Alliance participated as panels.


    Since the opening of its first overseas branch in Tokyo in 1948, the Korea International Trade Association has continuously held events for the exchange of human resources and business cooperation such as the Tokyo Korea Product Exhibitions and local job-linked education programs including Smart Cloud IT Master, Korea-Japan Festivals, conferences for Korea-Japan business people and Korea-Japan new industry trade meetings.

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