• KITA to Host 'Prospects and Challenges for 2020 Global Trade Environment’ on 2nd Next Month
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    KITA to Host 'Prospects and Challenges for 2020 Global Trade Environment’ on 2nd Next Month

    - Will discuss prospects for next year’s US presidential election, trade conflicts between Korea and Japan, crisis of multilateral trade system, etc. -

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) will host the conference titled 'Prospects and Challenges for 2020 Global Trade Environment' at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on the 2nd of next month.


    In the conference, there will be presentations and discussions on the changes and prospects of the global trade environment surrounding Korea, including the prospects for the coming year's presidential election in the United States and the country’s trade policy with China, trade conflicts and cooperation between Korea and Japan, trends in US trade remedy measures, and the crisis in the multilateral trade system and the challenges for the World Trade Organization (WTO).


    Principal Bruce Hirsh of Tailwind Global Strategic LLC, who is also a member of the Washington Trade Advisory Board of the Korea International Trade Association, Professor Julia Qin of Wayne State University, Director Daniel Ikenson of CATO Institute, Professor Tsuyoshi Kawase of Sophia University, Professor Ahn Duk-geun of Seoul National University and Professor Lee Jae-min of Seoul National University will participate in the event as speakers and Professor Lee Hye-min of Seoul National University’s Graduate School of International Studies will chair the panel dissuasion. 


    Je Hyun-jung, director at the Center for Trade Studies & Cooperation of KITA, said, “The international trade environment surrounding Korea, such as the weakening of the WTO multilateral system, the US-China trade dispute, and Japan's export restrictions to Korea, is changing rapidly and it is difficult to predict even for the near future. The director also mentioned, We hope this conference will help Korean economic actors develop countermeasures.

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