• KITA Held 1:1 Video Meet-up between Germany’s Bayer and Korean Startups
    2020-04-16 hit 1465

    KITA Held 1:1 Video Meet-up between Germany’s Bayer and Korean Startups


    - Video conference with 11 start-ups with new varieties of crops using genetic scissors and nanopesticides -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-Ju) held one-on-one meet-up between Germany’s Bayer Asia-Pacific Headquarters and Korean start-ups at the Startup Branch on the 2nd floor of COEX in Samseong-dong.


    Bayer is a German multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company, well known for aspirin. After acquiring Monsanto, the world's largest agricultural company, for its business diversification in 2018, Bayer is looking for open innovation opportunities in agriculture. During the event, Bayer discussed the possibility for cooperation with 11 Korean start-ups that have farm automation, eco-friendly fertilizers and eco-friendly nanopesticides, pest control solutions, and new varieties of crops using genetic scissors.


    Kim Young-dug, CEO of THE.WAVE.TALK, who participated in the meet-up, said, “We have won the '2020 CES Innovation Award’ for the Real-Time Bacteria Detection Sensor using Internet of Things (IoT). We have also partnered with food giants of the United States as well as France and our technology has been well recognized. However, it has been very difficult to have a business opportunity due to the spread of coronavirus." He added, "I look forward to today's video meet-up as a turning point to start a new collaboration with Bayer."


    Cho Sang-hyun, chief of Global Startup Center at the Korea International Trade Association, said, In response to the spread of COVID-19, we have turned the existing offline meet-up to online video event. He also mentioned, On the 24th of this month, an online meet-up with Thailand's state-owned petrochemical company is scheduled and another online meet-up with L'Oreal is set to be held in May. We will continue to provide opportunities for Korean start-ups to expand into the global market.

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