• KITA-KDB to Held “NextRise 2020, Seoul”
    2020-06-17 hit 1916

    KITA-KDB to Held NextRise 2020, Seoul

    - The first global startup fair after the outbreak of COVID-19 120 companies and VCs from home and abroad and 200 startups will participate -

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Young-ju Kim) and the Korea Development Bank (Chairman: Lee Dong-geol) will host NextRise 2020, Seoul) in cooperation with Venture Capital Association and the National Research Council of Science & Technology held 2019 Next Rise at COEX in Samseong-dong for two days from June 23rd

    During this event, which will parallel online, 84 large corporations from home and abroad, 35 venture capital firms (VCs) and 35 accelerators (AC) will participate and carry out 1,700 one on one meetings with startups. There will be 80 online and offline conference talks as well as the largest exhibition in Korea, where 200 startups will take part in. 

    Business meetings between 35 global conglomerates such as Coca-Cola and Ford and startups, and 50 sessions of conference talks by the speakers joining from abroad will all take place online. Luxembourg's Minister of the Economy, Vice Chairman of Starburst Aerospace, an accelerator dedicated to aerospace startups in Silicon Valley, and a director at L’Oreal will speak during the conference under the themes of overseas innovation growth policy and regulation improvement, trends in technology and investment, open innovation, etc. The speeches will be released on the official YouTube channel of NextRise on 23rd.

    Philipp Gneiting, director at Daimler AG, said, I have had several collaborations with Korean startups and I have been impressed by their deep knowledge and enthusiasm, and added, Through this event, I look forward to cooperation with excellent startups in the fields of future mobility, eco-friendly, and digitization.

    At COEX, companies such as Goldman Sachs Asia, Samsung Next, Hyundai Motor Group, and Naver Clover will share their investment and innovation growth strategies, while Curly, Sandbox Network, and Smart Study will deliver their success stories vividly. The largest startup exhibition in Korea will also take place with the participation of 200 startups, including food technology, untact (non face-to-face contact), health care, etc. that have recently attracted attention.

    As the spread of COVID-19 in the metropolitan area continues and strengthened quarantine measures are in place, this event will practice the highest level of on-site management in accordance with the high-risk facility prevention measures.

    When entering the venue, the attendees will be asked to answer a questionnaire, check body temperature, and wear a face mask. It is considered to limit the number of simultaneous visitors by introducing a QR code electronic entry system. The quarantine management personnel will disinfect the exhibition hall, consultation hall, and microphones for speakers frequently, and a transparent screen will be installed in the exhibition hall and the consultation hall in order to prevent face-to-face contact. Hand sanitizers will be also placed throughout the venue.

    Cho Sang-hyun, chief of Global Startup Center at KITA, said, Since this is the first global startup fair held in Asia after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, we are making special efforts to make sure that we create a safe environment, and added, We hope that this event will be a momentum to boost the startup innovation and open innovation ecosystem around the world, which is somewhat shriveled.

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