• KITA Begins to Recruit Participants for “Smart City Innovative Technology Competition” in October
    2020-08-24 hit 2498

    KITA Begins to Recruit Participants for “Smart City Innovative Technology Competition” in October

    -  One-stop support, including technology commercialization fund worth 100 million won, test bed and overseas expansion, will be given to the grand prize winners   -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) announced that it will hold “Competition for Innovative Technology” that will lead smart city, construction, eco-friendly and energy fields in cooperation with Hoban Group (Chairman: Kim Sang-yeol) and the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership (Chairman: Kwon Ki-hong) in October.


    The fields of application are ▲ cost reduction, construction method improvement, quality and safety innovation technology, ▲ construction information and communication technology and specialized design, ▲ smart city, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, energy, environmental technology, ▲ construction using technology of the 4th industrial revolution, smart city technology cooperation project proposal, etc.


    The application will be accepted from August 24th to September 11th via Innobranch (, the global open innovation platform, run by the Korea International Trade Association. Afterwards, the awards will be presented to the two categories of small and medium-sized businesses and startups, respectively, after document screening (September 11th -25th), preliminary round (October 5th), final presentation and technology exhibition (October 16th). The grand prize winner will receive a prize money of 100 million won and an opportunity for open innovation cooperation and test bed with Hoban Group.


    The Korea International Trade Association, Hoban Group, and the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership fully mobilized their capabilities and support of each institution to find innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. The Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership will be in charge of recruiting startups and promotions and supporting the global expansion of the selected companies. Hoban Group will be responsible for selecting startups, providing infrastructure foundation, and test bed cooperation. The group will support technology commercialization funds worth about 400 million won.


    Park Sun-kyung, director of Startup Branch of the Korea International Trade Association, said, “The organization is cooperating in various ways with large companies and mid-sized companies at home and abroad and public institutions such as Gangnam-gu Office to support the test and verification of startups’ innovative technologies for commercialization,” and added, “As this competition has the highest level of commercialization support in the fields of construction, eco-friendly, and energy, we look forward to seeing significant cooperation cases between large companies and startups.”


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