• Farewell Message from the Chairman & CEO of KITA
    2021-02-23 hit 385

    To our invaluable partners,


    February 2021 marks the final month of my tenure as the Chairman & CEO of Korea International Trade Association (KITA). While I look forward to what the future holds, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to friends and colleagues.


    The past few years were not easy years for exporters and importers across the world. The rising tensions of trade disputes and waves of protectionism reminded us of the importance of multilateral trade relationship. Our economies depend on the free flow of people, goods, and services. However, COVID-19 severed these connections and upended the way of life and work.


    Despite headwinds, we were able to promote trade between countries and create a more conducive business environment thanks to our partnership. Indeed, many challenges remain, but through collaboration we overcame the hurdles before us: the pandemic, trade dispute, and protectionism.

    No matter where I go, I will remain committed to promoting bilateral and multilateral trade relationships between Korea and countries across the world. Similarly, I am confident that KITA will remain as an invaluable partner to your organization following my departure. Under a united mission, a ship cannot lose direction. Our staff and employees at KITA are committed to the same mission as I am. I ask for your generous support and cooperation in future joint-projects between your organization and KITA.


    I wish you luck and success in all your future endeavors. It has been a privilege and honor to lead an organization that represents Korea’s importers and exporters, and to make your acquaintance as the Chairman & CEO of KITA.


    Thank you.

    Young Ju Kim

    Chairman & CEO

    Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

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