• "Warming-Up" of Service of U.S. Forces In Korea with Korean Wave
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    "Warming-Up" of Service of U.S. Forces In Korea with Korean Wave
    - KITA · USO, Holding K-Experience Program for New U.S. Forces in Korea -

      Korea - U.S. Economic Council (Chairman & CEO: Han Duck-Soo who is also chairman and CEO of Korea International Trade Association) held 'KITA/USO K-Experience Program' targeting 40 U.S. armed forces in Korea who first join U.S. forces in Korea on July 25 at Korea World Trade Center in Seoul.

      This program is the one for U.S. forces in Korea for the first time this year, organized by KITA and United Service Organization (USO). The purpose of this program is to help U.S. forces who first join the service in Korea to understand the culture and the economy of Korea to have clear concept on the relation of the two countries.

      Jang Ho-Keun, director of KITA said in his welcome speech "I'm very pleased to have the first opportunity of introducing the economic situations of Korea and the U.S. and the Korea - U.S. FTA to American forces in Korea." Jeffrey Antonio, US Army Commander, expressed his gratitude to KITA "It is the first time to adopt a program introducing Korean economy and culture to American forces who join the service in Korea for about 1 - 3 years."

      The American forces who participate in this meeting received explanation on the relation between the two nations and Korean Wave, learned Korean foods from   the Korea - U.S. Student Goodwill Ambassadors, and went on field trips to COEX and National Museum of Korea. They will visit Yeosu Expo, green tea farm in Boseong, and Naganeupseong Folk Village from Jul. 26 (Thur.) for two days.



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