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  • KITA Held One on One Overseas Business Consultation Conference by Inviting Overseas Commercial

    KITA Held One on One Overseas Business Consultation Conference by Inviting Overseas Commercial Attaches from 20 Countries

    - Luncheon meetings with each industry group were flooded with Korean companies’ difficulties regarding protectionism and import regulations - 


    The Korea International Trade Association (KIM Young-joo) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and energy jointly held "One on One Overseas Business Consultation Conference Inviting Overseas Commercial Attaches" and "Luncheon Meetings with Each Industry Group" at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul on February 21, with a view to supporting small and medium-sized exporters’ overseas marketing activities.  


    At this conference, a total of 153 consultations were carried out through the matching service between overseas commercial agents from 20 countries and 76 Korean companies who want to enter into the countries. The participating companies were provided with local market information necessary for overseas expansion, including export investment, and the commercial agents checked the difficulties that Korean companies are experiencing. In addition, they promised to provide the customized feedback regarding the issues that were not resolved on the spot due to the complexity of the issue after they return the offices.  


    Upon the event, the Korea International Trade Association is planning to strengthen the supports for various local activities in other countries by transferring business expansion know-how to Korean companies, finding buyers, providing local information to support investment, etc. through the head of diplomatic and consular offices in foreign countries as well as commercial attaches.


    Meanwhile, Chairman Kim Young-joo and the Deputy Minister Kang Sung-cheon of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy participated in the luncheon meeting. They listened to the concerns about the more strengthened protectionism in each country as well as the industries’ hardship with the vice-chairmen of the seven groups of industries (Machinery Industry Promotion Association, Semiconductor Industry Association, Textile Industry Association, Petrochemical Association, Engineering Association, Korea Electronics Association and Korea Offshore and Shipbuilding Association). They pledged prompt action with public-private partnership.


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