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  • SPOEX 2018 Takes Place Inviting Big Buyers of Sports & Leisure Goods


    SPOEX 2018 Takes Place Inviting Big Buyers of Sports & Leisure Goods


    - SPOEX 2018 Takes Place at COEX for 4 days from February 22 (Thursday) to 25 (Sunday) -

    - Sports & Leisure Goods Export Consultation Expected to Reach 40 Million Dollars -  



    The 2018 Seoul International Sports and Leisure Industry Exhibition (SPOEX 2018), Korea’s largest sports and leisure industry exhibition, was opened at COEX on February, 22, Thursday. The exhibition is a large-scale event that introduces sports and leisure goods developed by 480 domestic and foreign companies to the latest trends at the 4 halls in COEX for four days until February 25, Sunday.


    SPOEX 2018, co-hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) and the Korea Sports Promotion Corporation (Chairman, Cho Jae-ki), marks the 18th this year. A large number of new products from a various sports and leisure fields, including health and fitness, sports goods and athletic facilities, camping cars, outdoor and camping equipments, bicycles and underwater and water sports goods are being exhibited in the event. The products that SPOEX 2018 exhibitors display are prominently featured by the sophisticated performance and function and lightweight applying the integrated and compounded IT technologies as well as new materials. 


    While the countries around the world are highly interested in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the Korea International Trade Association is focusing on bridging SPOEX 2018 to expanding the exports of Korean sports and leisure products. The association invites 180 foreign sporting goods distribution buyers from 24 countries to the exhibition, and holds one on one export consultation meetings with Korean participating companies for 2 days on February 22 and 23.


    The buyers include Aosom, which operates online shopping malls and offline stores as a specialized sporting goods distributor, Sima-Land and Aktiv, large-scale sporting goods distributors in Russia. . A large number of leading companies in sports and leisure goods, including VIP shop, TOREAD, Sanfo Outdoor and GOME from China will participate in the event. Leading retailers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Sweden and Taiwan will also express their interests in purchasing Korean sports and leisure goods through one on one export consultation conferences.


    The Korea International Trade Association expects that the total export consultation amount through this SPOEX Big Buyer Export Consultation Conference will reach 40 million dollars.


    Lee Dong-ki, head of International Cooperate Department at the Korea International Trade Association, said, We are trying to utilize the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games as the opportunities for Korean sports and leisure goods companies to expand their exports to overseas. He also added Big buyers participating in export consultation conferences are actively expanding their distribution network and strengthening online sales recently, so we expect that the effect of export consultation meetings will be great. 

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