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  • Prevention and Response to Import and Export Logistics Disputes ‘A to Z’

    Prevention and Response to Import and Export Logistics Disputes ‘A to Z’

    - KITA held ‘International Logistics Dispute Cases and Countermeasures Seminar’ -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) held ‘International Logistics Dispute Cases and Countermeasures Seminar’ at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on April 25, and informed the disputes that may arise during the import and export processes and shared with Korean companies how to deal with the conflicts utilizing real cases.  


    Since the seminar was based on the actual consultation cases of TradeSOS, a specialized trade consultation center of the Korea International Trade Association, it was realistic and helped better understanding of the participants. An attorney Kim Beom-koo, a consultant specialized in trade conflicts at tradeSOS and CEO of Skywalkers explained the basic and practical knowledge such as the use and effect of various transportation documents, the responsibilities of the carriers, the requirements for damage claims, and the effective ways to claim damages in light of the illustrations of real cases as well as judicial precedents.


    The attorney Kim stressed “It is crucial to be clearly aware of each party’s responsibilities, rights and duties to be prepared for logistics disputes, to thoroughly check dispute resolution and claims from the contract writing stage, and to manage risks through insurance utilization.


    Kwon Hee-hwan, head of the international arbitration team at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, introduced the international arbitration system which can be easily utilized by small and medium-sized companies in the event of logistics accident disputes, and made a presentation on arbitration procedures and cases. He said, "The arbitration system has the advantage of reducing costs and time significantly for resolving disputes.” He also advised, "It is recommended that a standard arbitration clause should be included in the contract, including an arbitration body, governing law, arbitration place, arbitration language, etc.”


    Kim Jung-soo, head of Member Support Department at KITA, stressed, As logistics is directly linked to the collection of bills in the import and export process, it can cause large amount of additional costs. Therefore, companies should be fully informed and prepared for the disputes.” He also said ”The Korea International Trade Association will continue to support trade industry by continuously holding seminars centering on the trade consultation cases at TradeSOS.

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