• ‘Business Opportunity’ for IT Companies to Expand Overseas

    Business Opportunity’ for IT Companies to Expand Overseas


    - KITA invited a large number of overseas ICT and telecommunication big buyers… to expand exports

    in  ICT area -


    Many Global IT giants have visited Korea to share their own international sourcing tips and to purchase advanced Korean products.


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) invited promising big buyers from overseas of ICT and telecommunication companies in order to support Korean IT companies to make inroads into overseas markets. On May 23 and 24, KITA held Export Consultation with Overseas ICT Big Buyers and Telecommunication Operators’ and ‘Overseas Entry Strategy Seminar with China / Asia ICT Big Buyers’ in succession.


    37 large telecommunication companies and IT retailers from 7 countries including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and the United States attended the export consultation session. B8ta, the United State’s specialized retailer for the innovative electronics goods, Skyworth, the world’s largest retailer of set-top boxes, Hardchem Electronics, India’s electronics products manufacturer and retailer, HTC-ITC, a Vietnamese telecommunication operator, and LYTO, Indonesia’s largest game retailer were the major big buyers of this event and they showed enthusiasm for consultations with Korean companies with superior technologies.


    Managing Director Harshwadan at India’s Hardchem Electronics said, Korean products are very popular in India. I think this visit will be a great opportunity to import the finest Korean products with new and innovative idea to India.”


    During the overseas entry strategy seminar, big buyers from China,

    India and Vietnam participated in as presenters and shared their real experiences and practical strategies for overseas market entry with regards to the local distribution market trends and prospects, business strategies and success stories.


    Cho Hak-hee, the head of International Affairs Group at the Korea International Trade Association said, “This export consultation meeting and the overseas entry strategy seminar with a large number of global big buyers and telecommunication companies will provide opportunities for Korean IT companies who already have advanced technologies to make inroads into overseas.” He also stressed, “We will exert every effort to make smooth consultations and business exchanges, contract deals and export performances.

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