• KITA to Participate in ‘China International Import Expo’ with 200 Companies
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    KITA to Participate in China International Import Expo with 200 Companies


    - 150,000 Chinese buyers will participate for 6 days from November 5 -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) said that it would participate in the China International Import Expo, which is slated to be held in Shanghai, China for 6 days from November 5, with some 200 Korean companies.


    KITA said both small and large local firms, selected from seven industries, will be at the expo, while a separate Korea booth will be operated during the event.


    The fair will be held for the first time this year with about 120 countries attending, including the countries recording trade deficit with China such as United States, Pakistan and Russia and the countries along the one belt one road project. Some 150,000 Chinese companies are also expected to participate as buyers. A total of 300,000 square meters of exhibition space is equivalent to the size of 42 football stadiums together.


    Some 200 large companies, such as SK Hynix and LG Household & Health Care, as well as small and medium-sized businesses will be at the expo and operate the booths of Korean companies from 7 industries, including Household goods, agricultural and fishery products, services, etc., Also, it is scheduled to run Koreas national pavilion separately.


    China is planning on a variety of additional events such as Hongqiao International Economic & Trade Forum’ by inviting the leaders of major countries.


    Cho Hak-hee, head of the International Affairs Group, stressed, This international trade fair is a huge business opportunity where major corporations from all over the world gather together. It is a great opportunity to advertise Korea's excellent products and find various export channels.

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