• KITA Holds ‘G-Fair Korea’ for 15 days in Chengdu, China
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    KITA Holds ‘G-Fair Korea’ for 15 days in Chengdu, China


    - Official import of Big Buyer Shenzhen TSL Carry out export consultation meetings by inviting buyers - 


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) holds the ‘G-Fair Korea’ in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province and the starting point of the One Belt One Road policy in Western area, for 15 days from September 16th in cooperation with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and Shenzhen TSL.


    The Korea International Trade Association started a sales promotion in the premium distribution store directly run by Shenzhen TSL, the key broker of China’s largest state-controlled distributor China Resources Vanguard Co., on September 16th. On September 17th, the organization invited 72 Chinese buyers to Jinjiang Hotel and held one-on-one export consultation meetings with 19 Korean participating companies.


    A large number of retailers and importers that have enough purchasing power, including Jiayou Home Shopping, one of China’s top three home shopping groups, Star Home Shopping Co., Ltd., the largest TV channel in Sichuan,, listed in Fortune 500, A&V Group, the largest distributor in the three Northeast provinces, and a large supermarket in Shenzhen, participated in the export consultation meetings and carried out purchasing consultations with Korean companies. Company N, a Korean organic health drink manufacturer, signed the first contract worth 30,000 dollars with Guangzhou Lotus Supermarket. See’s Coffee Korea, which produces quick and easy coffee, carried out 200 individual export consultations, including the consultation on additional contracts for newly launched products, in addition to the existing contract worth 150,000 dollars with Shenzhen TSL.


    This event is an export support project for small and medium-sized enterprise in cooperation with the member companies of ‘KITA Big Buyer Club', which has been operated by the Korea International Trade Association since 2011. The Big Buyer Club includes 68 large global retailers, including Wal-Mart, Seven-Eleven, and Vanguard.


    Han Jin-hyun, Vice Chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said, This event is the first follow-up project of the business agreement that the Korea International Trade Association signed with the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce on September 3rd in order to support Korean companies to make inroads into the region. He also added, We plan to develop this project into a completely differentiated export support program from the existing ones by actively utilizing the local distribution channels of the Big Buyer Club, which has established a relationship of trust with the organization.


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