• 3.15 Wanhui Strengthens Consumer Rights Protection
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    3.15 Wanhui Strengthens Consumer Rights Protection


    - China’s consumer report TV show excluded foreign products, focused on personal information and IT technology -


    It is analyzed that Korean companies that have entered into China should pay more attention to consumer rights protection such as personal information.


    According to a report titled ‘China’s Consumer Protection Trends Seen on 3.15 Wanhui’ issued by the Beijing branch of the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) on March 20th, foreign companies are concerned and pay attention to the consumer report program ‘3.15 Wanhui’ which is jointly produced by the China Consumers Association and CCTV every year on March 15th, as the show frequently airs complaints regarding imported products. On Wanhui broadcasted this year, however, foreign products were excluded from the accusation for the first time and new consumer protection trends emerged as the show highlighted illegal uses of personal information and IT technology rather than products.

    The report states that Wanhui used to mainly deal with foreign products and safety issues during the production process whereas this year’s 5 cases out of 8 issues were personal information and service problems. An IT company Samoyed holding limited, has conducted illegal activities such as collecting mobile phone numbers of general individuals in public places by using Wi-Fi connection signals of mobile phones and using artificial intelligence (AI) robots in spam phones.

    This trend of the Wanhui is based on the revision of the Consumer Rights Protection Act of China, the quarterly release of consumer reports by the China Consumers Association, and the diversification of reporting channels, including telephone, Internet, and applications. In addition, it is also a reflection of the demand for consumer rights protection for the generations of balinghou (Post 80s) and jiulinghou (Post-90s) who have grown up as an only child in the family and strongly value individualism. 


    Kim Byung-yoo, head of Beijing branch of the Korea International Trade Association, said, As foreign companies were excluded from the subject of accusation on Wanhui this year, and the foreign investment law which is favorable to foreign companies was passed at the Two Sessions, some are expecting that a favorable environment will be created for foreign-invested companies. He also stressed, However, as new measures for consumer protection are continuously introduced, Korean companies need to pay more attention to quality control as well as management of consumers’ personal information.

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