• KITA Held ‘ASEAN E-commerce Market Entry Strategy’
    2019-05-23 hit 230

    KITA Held ‘ASEAN E-commerce Market Entry Strategy’


     - Joint event with Shoppee, the second largest E-commerce in Southeast Asia to overcome

    the trade barriers with e-commerce -


    The Korea International Trade Association (chairman, Kim Young-joo) hosted ‘ASEAN e-Commerce Market Entry Strategy’ in cooperation with Shoppee, the second largest e-Commerce market sharer in Southeast at the Trade Tower in Samseng-dong on May 23rd. The event was attended by more than 200 representatives from manufacturing companies, distributers and e-commerce service providers that are interested in making inroads into ASEAN via online.


    During the seminar, the participants shared e-commerce trends in ASEAN region, consumer characteristics of each country and success stories of entering into ASEAN markets through Kmall24, a foreign direct sales platform run by the Korea International Trade Association and Shoppee. In the following session, specialists of overseas direct sales such as overseas certification, customs clearance, simple export declaration and VAT payment provided consultation.


    A manager Jung Hye-won at EGNIS that sells Lab Nosh, the shake-type simple meal formula, said, "The ASEAN region is highly favorable to Korean products due to the influence of the Korean Wave, and consumer access as well as the spread of product information through social media are very fast." She advised, "Be prepared to advance into ASEAN markets with small budget by taking advantage of the e-commerce platforms.


    Kim Hyun-chul, head of the Global Marketing Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, ASEAN is a young and attractive market, but as there are barriers such as halal certification and logistics costs, market test through e-commerce is one of many good ways. He added, The Korea International Trade Association will actively support the expansion of Korean small and medium-sized companies, that lack overseas direct sales experience and know-how, into overseas online markets.



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