• KITA Sent This Year’s 1st ‘Trade Promotion Delegation to China’
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    KITA Sent This Year’s 1st ‘Trade Promotion Delegation to China’


    - Carried out consultation meetings at the headquarters of Suning Group, the second largest private company in china … associated with the seminar held in April -

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) sent this year’s first ‘Trade Promotion Delegation to China’ to Nanjing and Beijing from June 2nd to 6th.

    The promotion team, which consists of 18 companies related to consumer goods such as cosmetics, household goods, and agricultural and marine products, visited the Suing Group headquarters located in Nanjing, China on June 3rd and carried out a one-on-one business meeting.

    Suning is the second largest privately owned company in China following Huawei, and is the third biggest e-commerce enterprise behind Alibaba and Jingdong. Since Suning has some 10,000 stores all over China, including general stores, convenience stores, and baby products stores, Korean companies can effectively target the Chinese market by utilizing various online and offline distribution channels.


    One company participated in the trade fair said, "We made our first contact with Suing at the seminar titled ‘Entry Strategy to Chinese market with Suning’ held by the Korea International Trade Association last April. Since then, we had continuously negotiated with Suning, and finally, we inked a sample deal worth 25,000 dollars at this event.”


    Oh Ki-seok at the Korea Office of Suning Group said, "Thanks to the preliminary seminar associated with the consultation meeting, I was able to meet many excellent companies in Korea.” He added, “With this promotion team, I would like to introduce more Korean products to China in the future."


    Han Jin-hyun, vice chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, who participated in the trade promotion delegation as the leader, said, "Korean companies are struggling in exporting to China because of China's economic slowdown as well as the trade conflict between China and the United States.” He stressed, “The cooperation with Suning Group that has power both in online and offline markets will provide Korean companies various opportunities to make inroads into China."


    The promotion delegation held a total of three consultation sessions, including a meeting with Suning Group and one-on-one consultation meetings with some 100 companies located in Nanjing and Beijing. The Korea International Trade Association is planning to send two more trade promotion delegations in the second half of the year.


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