• KITA to Hold Local Tour ‘Response to Japan’s Export Controls Seminar’
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    KITA to Hold Local Tour ‘Response to Japan’s Export Controls Seminar’


    - In 14 regions for two weeks from 27th will provide countermeasures of each industry, one-on-one consultations, etc. -


    The 13 Korean regional branches of the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-ju) will hold ‘Response to Japan’s Export Control and Trade Strategy 2020 Seminar’ in cooperation with the Korea Strategic Trade Institute and KOTRA in 14 regions across the country for two weeks, starting from Busan on 27th.


    The seminar is designed to minimize the damage to the Korean industries by guiding the countermeasures and identifying the difficulties, as Japan's exclusion of Korea from its white list countries will take effect on 28th. 


    During the seminar, 'Trade Strategy 2020' prepared by the Korea International Trade Association to establish trade strategies by region and industry and to strengthen trade capabilities of companies, the Korea Strategic Trade Institute’s Countermeasures to Export Controls and KOTRA's Use of Japan's Internal Compliance Program (ICP) and Discovery of Import Alternatives will be discussed. In the following one-on-one consultation session, supporting organizations will consult to solve companies’ difficulties and concerns.


    Heo Duck-jin, head of the Membership Affairs Group at KITA, said, We will work with the relevant agencies to strengthen the role of TradeSOS, a channel for consultation and recommendation on trade difficulties, and increase participation in the Task Force (TF) dedicated to responding to Japan's export controls in each region. He added, We will endeavor to minimize damages to Korean small and medium-sized companies by promptly and accurately responding to Japanese export regulations.

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