• KITA Held ‘Korea Food Export Consultation and Promotion Fair’ in Kuala Lumpur
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    KITA Held ‘Korea Food Export Consultation and Promotion Fair’ in Kuala Lumpur

    - 35 buyers, including AEON Department Store and Isetan Department Store, etc. participated 113 exports consultations worth 7.2 million dollars were carried out -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-Ju) held ‘Korea Food Export Consultation and Promotion Fair’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for four days from October 3rd to 6th in collaboration with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.


    From Korea, 15 seafood and processed food companies participated, and 35 local buyers, including large distributors such as AEON Department Store, Isetan Department Store, and Cosway, Southeast Asia's largest multi-level marketing company, and local food importers such as Korea Malaysia Adelaide (KMT) and Lein Hing (LH) Group, and restaurant chains took part in the event.


    At the export consultation session held on October 3rd, 113 exports consultations worth 7.2 million dollars took place. Chung Kyung-jo, CEO of Tteokbokki manufacturer I’m DNL, who participated in the consultation, said, “We have high expectations for exports as we had concrete and positive discussions with two large Malaysian retailers and two food importers.


    At the 'Presentation and Consultation by Inviting Product Planners of Malaysian Retail Stores and Vendors’ held on October 4th, officers who are in charge of purchasing at Isetan Department Store, Malaysian TV Home Shopping CJ Wow Shop, and Ascen Plus, the food and pharmacy franchise, participated and shared their know-how in local expansion.


    Mohad Afendi, MD at Isetan Department Store, said, "Malaysia has a strong influence on consumption trends in Southeast countries as the country has well-developed on-line and off-line shopping infrastructure and high income level of over 10,000 dollars per capita," and added, In particular, it is worthwhile to make inroads into the Halal markets in Southeast Asia as well as the world making Malaysia, which is growing as a global halal hub, as a stepping-stone.


    From 4th to 6th, the ‘Korean Food Tasting and Promotion’ event was held at Avenue K shopping center, the center of consumption and distribution in Kuala Lumpur. Special shops and tasting tables located in the main lobby on the first floor attracted more than 3,000 people during the event and local consumers displayed interest. They are planning to have sales sections for cup noodle, tteokbokki, and galbipo that were popular during the event in retail stores.


    Kim Eun-hye at Honest Food, the cup noodle manufacturer and exporter, said, Local buyers were very interested in our cup noodle and thermal noodle. She also mentioned, The meeting went relatively well as they have a very good image of Korean product. We are planning to export to Malaysia in earnest after obtaining Halal certification.


    Kim Hyun-chul, head of Global Marketing Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, By simultaneously providing promotions targeting local consumers and buyer consultations, we were able to raise awareness of Korean food and provide opportunities for Korean companies to expand the market. He stressed, We will also actively support the exporters’ follow-up negotiations so that they can result in export contracts.

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