• KITA to Hold “L'Oreal-Tech Startup One-on-One Meet-Up”
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    KITA to Hold L'Oreal-Tech Startup One-on-One Meet-Up


    - Will discuss cooperation with Korean tech start-ups in augmented reality (AR), biotechnology, 3D printing, etc. -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-Ju) are looking for companies to participate in the L'Oreal-Tech Startup One-on-One Meet-Up hosted by COEX Startup Branch on February 25th.


    L'Oreal is planning to conduct one-on-one consultation with 10 Korean domestic tech start-ups with innovative technologies in three areas: consumer experience (virtual realty and augmented reality), product (biotechnology, eco-friendly technology, etc.), and operation (3D printing, Internet of Things, etc.).


    Applications are accepted on the website of the Korea International Trade Association ( The first deadline is January 23rd and the second deadline is February 10th. Priority matching opportunities with L'Oreal Group’s global representatives and extra points will be given to the companies that applied within the first deadline.


    The shortlisted companies for the meet-up will be individually notified in February, and the selected companies will discuss the possibility of business cooperation with L'Oreal Group's global representatives and open innovation team, and the officials from L'Oreal Asia-Pacific and L'Oreal Korea.


    Cho Sang-hyun, chief of Global Startup Center at the Korea International Trade Association, said, We hope that this event will serve as an opportunity for new discoveries of outstanding K-beauty technologies and their expansion into the global market. He added, As the largest open innovation support provider, the Korea International Trade Association will continue to hold the ‘Global Fortune 500 Connect’ event this year and contribute to boosting open innovation for Fortune 500 companies and Korean startups.”

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