• KITA·Business Associations in 4 Mekong Countries Proposed “Mutual Fast Track for Business People”
    2020-07-08 hit 1707

    KITA·Business Associations in 4 Mekong Countries Proposed Mutual Fast Track for Business People


    -  Delivered joint proposal to the government of each country with Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos  -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and business associations in the Mekong Countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, delivered Joint Proposal Requesting the Introduction of Mutual Fast Tracks for Business People to the government of each country on July 9th. 


    Initially, as a part of the “Korea-Mekong Businessmen Council,the Federation of Thai Finance and Industry agreed to join the proposal. However, as Thailand started to allow some foreign travelers such as entrepreneurs to enter the country for short visits from July 1st, the country did not participate in the joint proposal.


    The five business associations stated, Entry restriction measures on foreign travelers have sapping economic vitality with decreased product trade, contracted global supply chain, reduced investment and employment, etc. and requested, the governments of five countries to introduce temporary fast track system which will ease the period of self-isolation during business entry in order to ensure the essential economic activities of the enterprises, while respecting principles of quarantine measures.


    Cho Hak-hee, the head of International Affairs Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, Mutual fast tracks for business people is a means to meet business demands across countries while continuously controlling the inflow of COVID-19 from overseas, and added, We will take the lead in restoring human and economic exchanges by cooperating with organizations in each country.

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