• Target China's Online Platform with “Quality an Safety”
    2020-10-06 hit 2056

    Target China's Online Platform with “Quality an Safety”

    -  KITA surveyed recognition of Korean products... Chinese consumers pay attention to quality and safety and are sensitive to users' reviews  -


    It appears that Chinese consumers value quality above everything else when buying Korean products, and they purchase them mostly online.


    According to a report titled “Chinese Consumers' Evaluation and Recognition of Korean Products” issued by the Chengdu Branch of the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) on October 6th, 43 percent of the respondents said they consider “quality” as top priority, 27 percent said “price” and 21 percent said “design.” Only 6 percent of the participants buy products after seeing advertisements, showing the characteristics of rational consumption patterns by carefully scrutinizing product quality, price, and design.


    In particular, they have shown that they pay attention to the safety of the product as they care about quality (28%) and hygiene and safety (24%) when purchasing food and consider quality (30%) and safety (29%) as priority for baby products.


    When purchasing products, they highly prefer online to the offline stores. The online purchases for cosmetics, food, and household goods reached 68-75 percent. Even though the percentage of online purchases of baby products was the lowest, more than half (56%) said they prefer online purchases.


    However, the frequently used online and offline platforms differed by item. Taobao was listed on the top of the favorite online platform regardless of the item. However, Tmall was more preferred for cosmetics and Yihaodian was more preferred for household goods and food to Taobao. As for the offline platform, it was surveyed that consumers visit specialized stores for cosmetics, supermarkets for household goods and food, and department stores for baby products.


    The report stated, “When it comes to baby products, the preference for offline stores (44%) is higher than that of other items. Particularly, they prefer to purchase at relatively expensive stores such as department stores,” and analyzed, “This is because Chinese people make purchases based on their children's tastes and quality, and they spend generously for their children.”


    When Chinese consumers buy Korean cosmetics, food, and household goods, 26-28 percent of the respondents said they repurchase the products mainly based on “their experience” whereas when it comes to cosmetics, “others' purchase reviews” (24%) had a great influence. In particular, in the case of baby products, “others' purchase reviews” (25%) acted more importantly in purchasing decisions than “own experiences” (23%).


    Ko Beom-seok, the head of Chengdu Branch of the Korea International Trade Association, said, The Chinese people still distrust the safety of their products,” and added, “In order for Korean products to increase their market share in China, quality and safety should be the main marketing points, and the marketing utilizing consumer experience meals for food and product reviews for cosmetics and baby products should be effective.”

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