• The Webinar on Expo 2020 Dubai and Investment Opportunities in the UAE
    2021-09-30 hit 697

    The Webinar on Expo 2020 Dubai and Investment Opportunities in the UAE


    Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) and the Korea ? Arab Society co-hosted the “The Webinar on Expo 2020 Dubai and Investment Opportunities in the UAE” on September 14th.


    Expo 2020 Dubai was to be the first expo to be held in the Middle Eastern, Southern Asia and the African region. However, the spread of the Coronavirus last year forced the event to be postponed. Expo 2020 Dubai will be held from October 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022 as a hybrid event offering both physical as well as virtual experiences.


    The Webinar held on the 14th was organized to introduce Expo 2020 Dubai to Korean companies, explore business opportunities in the Middle Eastern region by utilizing Expo 2020 Dubai and provide information on the investment environment of the UAE.


    Sumathi Ramanathan, the Global Destination Marketing Director of Expo 2020 Dubai mentioned, “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability ? the three subthemes of Expo 2020 Dubai ? embody the future strategies and the direction of development of Dubai and the Middle Eastern region.” She also added, “We expect many Korean companies, which boast competitive edge in the ICT, smart city, content and green mobility sectors, to take part in Expo 2020 Dubai and work together to design the future of the Middle East.”


    Moon, Byeong-Joon, the Korean Consul-General to Dubai mentioned, “Dubai is one of top host cities for international events” and said, “As it is expected that Expo 2020 Dubai will generate numerous opportunities to go global by utilizing the Middle East as a springboard, it is my hope that Korean companies to take advantage of this opportunity.”


    During the subsequent session, information on the Expo, business events held in the UAE, the investment environment of the UAE and the UAE free-trade zone was shared.


    Young-sam Ma, the Secretary-General of Korea-Arab Society said, “We will ceaselessly work to hold trade and investment-related events, such as Korea-Arab food security seminars, to support Korean companies to expand to the Middle Eastern market.”


    Hakhee Jo, the Vice President for International Affairs at KITA, indicated, “Along with the popularity of the Korean culture in the Middle East, Expo Dubai 2020 is an excellent opportunity for Korean companies to expand their business operations in the region.” He added, “A variety of projects will be pushed forward, which are geared towards supporting our companies to expand exports to the Middle East and grow their business presence in the region.”


    The Webinar held on September 14th was live-streamed via Youtube and the full video of the Webinar can found at

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