• KITA hosted “KITA Global Trade Forum”
    2021-10-27 hit 840

    KITA hosted “KITA Global Trade Forum”

    Dr. Kim, Ji-yoon says, “Sino ? U.S. competition and conflicts surrounding Asia and the Indo-Pacific region are intensifying”

    Experts in the country on international politics, Middle East and climate change issues will be invited to speak


    Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) announced that it hosted the “KITA Global Trade Forum” on October 21st at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong.


    In his opening remarks Chairman Koo mentioned, “Companies are suffering from mounting uncertainties with multiple global issues, such as disruptions in global supply chains and climate change issues, occurring at the same time and skyrocketing international oil prices and logistics costs.” Chairman Koo also announced, “KITA organized this forum to support company officials to be armed with the capabilities to properly respond to the fast-changing trading environment by providing them with up-to-date information on the trends of global trade.”


    Dr. Kim, Ji-yoon, the lecturer of the forum analyzed, “We are seeing an escalated intensification of the Sino ? U.S. competition over global hegemony and conflicts surrounding Asia and the Indo-Pacific region 10 months into the Biden Administration.” She said, “Taiwan is increasingly becoming a source of tension as the United States, along with its allies, is cornering China over its conflict with Taiwan.”


    She also forecasted, “The United States will show limited reaction on some issues such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and climate change as the country is set to have a midterm election on November next year” and added, “The direction of the United States’ policy on the Korean Peninsula will face a watershed moment with the outcome of next year’s Korean presidential election.”


    This forum was attended by more than 20 CEO-level officials from major companies ? POSCO, Hyundai Steel, Samsung C&T Corporation, Dongwon Enterprise Co., Ltd., CJ ENM, SeAH Steel Corporation, Exiqon, Jusung Engineering, Iljin Group, Hanyoung Nux, and key exporting companies.


    KITA Global Trade Forum” is a weekly event that will be held over five sessions until next month. Topics to be covered in the forum include international politics, U.S. - China rivalry for global hegemony, Middle East issues and climate change. Renown experts in these fields - Jae-Ho Chung, the Director of Program on U.S. - China Relations at Seoul National University Asia Center, Ji-Hyang Jang, the Director of the Center for Middle East at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and Jae-Chul Choi, the former ambassador for climate change response at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be invited to speak. The final fifth session will invite trade experts based in Washington D.C. and will be held in a virtual meeting format. This session will provide an opportunity to discuss on the Biden administration’s policies on trade, foreign affairs, response to climate change and possible avenues of cooperation between Korea and the United States.

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