• KITA successfully hosted “B2B business meeting & B2C promotion event” at Expo 2020 Dubai
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    KITA successfully hosted “B2B business meeting & B2C promotion event” at Expo 2020 Dubai


    - This event was held to celebrate Expo 2020 Dubai and 50 consumer goods producing companies attempted to gain attraction from the Middle Eastern market

    - Chairman Christopher Koo embarked on his first overseas business trip as KITA Chairman to take part in this event and support the bidding effort for the “World Expo 2030 Busan.”


    An “Online to Offline (O2O) exhibition, virtual business meeting and promotion event” was held in Dubai, where a World Expo ? a global festival for all ? is being held to support small to mid-sized Korean exporting companies to expand overseas business operations.


    Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) announced that it successfully co-hosted a 3-day “Online to Offline (O2O) exhibition, virtual business meeting and promotion event” in Dubai from November 1st with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Large ? Small to Mid-sized Agriculture & Fisheries Cooperative Foundation and CJ ENM.


    Chairman Koo’s visit to Dubai was made to participate in this event and to support the bidding effort for the “World Expo 2030 Busan”, which was his first overseas business trip since he assumed the position of KITA Chairman. In his congratulatory speech during the opening ceremony, Chairman Koo mentioned, “KITA has invested efforts to support business cooperation between Korea and the Middle Eastern region through Korea ? Gulf Cooperation Conference Business Forum, Korea ? UAE Business Dialogue to name a few.” He also mentioned, “It is my strong wish that this event, which is held to celebrate Expo 2020 Dubai, will serve as a venue for Korea and UAE ? nations well known as the Miracle on the Han River and a miracle in the desert ? to overcome the challenges of Covid and seek new opportunities.”


    50 promising Korean companies specializing in beauty products, home appliances, food and other consumer goods participated in the event and had more than 600 business meetings with more than 200 buyers in the Middle Eastern region. These buyers had opportunities to experience products in person that were delivered ahead of the event at exhibition booths where the event took place and engaged in virtual business meetings with Korean companies.


    Aside from buyers from the UAE, KITA invited 200 buyers from eight MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries, including Libya, Morocco and Kuwait, to the event ? all of which were markets of limited access by Korean companies. KITA mediated more than 600 B2B virtual business meetings between these buyers and Korean companies. KITA supported marketing activities on behalf of Korean entrepreneurs who cannot make overseas business trip due to the Pandemic by hiring professional merchandisers. They provided information on displayed products for buyers and visitors during the event. The unique layout of the event venue also earned attraction. Participating companies’ products were displayed in mock-ups of a living room, kitchen and a powder room, which were installed in the event venue.


    EG Tech, a food company, participated in this event, which already experienced a great success of participating in a O2O event held in Moscow in August. An official from the company mentioned, “We sent samples of our jelly products to Moscow to seek opportunities for exports, which resulted in an unexpected success as our samples were quickly exhausted much earlier than expected.” The official added, “Learning from the success we experienced in Moscow, our company staff members flew in to Dubai this time and decided to be engaged in much aggressive marketing activities to export our products overseas” and said, “We are committed to producing real results by taking advantage of KITA’s export support programs.”


    Meanwhile, a promotion event aimed at approaching to visitors was held for two days on November 1st and 2nd. They were welcomed to the event to have opportunities and experience Korean-made products. A series of side-events were held to attract visitors, such as mini-concerts by K-pop stars, cover dance group performances, special events allowing visitors to experience Korean traditional games by taking inspiration from the concepts of Squid Game ? a popular Korea TV program.


    Kim, Hyun-chul, the Vice President for Global Marketing at KITA mentioned, “KITA is holding its fourth hybrid business meeting event once again in Dubai after the initial event took place in the city in 2020, which was followed by hybrid meetings this year in Bogota and Moscow” and added, “Through our experience of holding such hybrid events, we have established as new form of consolidated marketing platform to be utilized in the post-Covid era.” He also said, “As we are being prepared to returning to back to normal, KITA will ceaselessly engage in developing programs to support exports, which put greater emphasis on offline marketing activities but also adopting the merits of online marketing activities.”

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