• KITA held “Korea - Sweden Digital Economy and Trade Forum”
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    KITA held “Korea - Sweden Digital Economy and Trade Forum”


    Metaverse technology and ESG can be solutions for a seamless shift towards digital and green and transformation


    Pop group ABBA plans a virtual concert next year and stresses, “Metaverse technology will fundamentally affect the entertainment business.”



    Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) and Business Sweden co-hosted “Korea - Sweden Digital Economy and Trade Forum” on November 10th.


    This forum was held virtually and presided by Christopher Koo, the Chairman of KITA, Jan Larsson, the CEO of Business Sweden and Trade Ministers from Korea and Sweden. Participants of the forum included officials from Volvo Cars and AMF pension company from Sweden and MAXST, CJ ENM, Doosan Heavy Industries, Nice D&B and SK Hynix from Korea, who discussed matters regarding digital and green transformation.


    Chairman Koo indicated, “We have reached a crossroad of an unprecedented transformation triggered by aggravating climate crisis and digital transformation, which arrived earlier than expected due to the Covid pandemic.” He also said, “Although it seems environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and metaverse do not have much in common, these two will coexist and eventually produce solutions for digital and green transformation.”


    After Chairman Koo’s remarks, Jenny Gustafsson, Head of Responsible Investments at AMF pension company ? the largest life insurance company in Sweden, delivered a presentation and mentioned, “Climate change has become an important index considered during the process of developing investment products” and added, “Newly developed products incorporating social issues, such as child labor, gender equality and diversity, to name a few, are earning greater popularity.”


    Followed by the presentation on investment products was a presentation on metaverse, which was delivered by Park, Jae-wan, the CEO of MAXST. He mentioned, “The innovative nature of metaverse and its convergence potential began to earn greater attention by Korean industries from the beginning of this year” and stressed, “Incorporating an open platform like metaverse can create opportunities that allow meaningful competitions with global tech companies such as Meta (former Facebook).”


    Bjorn Ulvaeus, a member of ABBA, which recently released a new album in four decades, gained attention by participating in the digital roundtable as a panel member. He announced, “We are planning a virtual concert in London next year that incorporates metaverse technology” and added, “Metaverse technology will fundamentally affect the entertainment business.”


    Hakhee Jo, the Vice President for International Affairs at KITA stated, “Korea and Sweden are partners of mutual benefits for digital and green transformation” and added, “It is my hope that this forum will continue to serve as an important platform that encoura

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