• Christopher Koo, the Chairman of KITA, highlights the importance of the Korea -U.S. relations
    2022-06-07 hit 760

    Christopher Koo, the Chairman of KITA, highlights the importance of the Korea-U.S. relations and the supply chain issue and expressed his commitment to ensure KITA serves as a channel of dialogue between the private sector and the government

    Chang-yang Lee, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy visits KITA and pledged to engage in cooperation to strengthen Korea - U.S. economic cooperation and resolve supply chain disruption issues.


    Christopher Koo, the Chairman of KITA met Chang-yang Lee, the new Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy on May 27th at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong and discussed imminent issues faced by the trade, commerce and supply chain sectors.

    Chairman Koo extended his congratulations on Minister Lee’s appointment by saying, “We have high expectations as we believe your experience in the industry, government and the academia across the board will lead to skilful handling of pressing issues, which will benefit our trade and industry sectors.” He also mentioned, “It is very good news that the new government aims to achieve a dynamic economy, which is led by the private sector and supported by the government.”

    Chairman Koo highlighted the significance of the bilateral relations between KITA and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as “the most exemplary partnership between the private and the public sectors in the field of trade, commerce and supply chain” and stressed the two organizations are continuously investing effort to devise solutions on imminent issues, including logistical disruptions, the Ukrainian crisis and supply chain issues since the Covid pandemic.

    Regarding the follow-up measures of the Korea-U.S. summit meeting and resolving the supply chain issue, Chairman Koo mentioned, “KITA will provide unwavering support as the most reliable channel of communications that represent the private sector in the fields of trade, commerce and supply chain, once the “Korea-U.S. supply chain & industry dialogue” is held in the future, which was proposed during the recent bilateral summit meeting” and added, “We will invest our efforts for the best interest of companies engaged in the exporting business through discovering agendas that need to be addressed in the country, analyzing key issues and conducting overseas outreach activities.” Chairman Koo also highlighted his commitment to fully cooperate with the government’s implementation of key agendas related to the trade sector, including responding to the expansion of digital trade, resolving logistical issues and ensuring greater exports from the services sector.

    In response to Chairman Koo’s remarks, Minister Lee said, “We aim to set new visions and targets of our trade in line with fast-changing environment at home and abroad, and also wish to closely cooperate with KITA when implementing trade policies” and added, “We will engage in interaction and dialogue with the industry and reflect recommendations on our policies.”

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