• KITA offers expanded benefits of “DX Package” for members to support digital transformation.
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    KITA offers expanded benefits of “DX Package” for members to support digital transformation.

    KITA signs business agreements with four IT solution provider companies

    The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is to offer more discounted services for its members. New discounted services include foreign exchange rate risk monitoring, overseas remittance service, hiring services of local employees and providing access to AI solutions. KITA announced on June 9 that it signed business agreements with four companies to provide more robust support for its members to adapt digital transformation (DX). KITA initially started to offer discounted rates of its “DX Package”, which includes four type of services ? providing access to electronic contract management system, online collaboration tool, groupware and finance & accounting system since December last year for its members as part of its “Discounted services for KITA members.” With the signing of today’s business agreement, a total of eight types of services will be available.

    KITA newly added four partners to offer four additional types of services. Naver Cloud will offer AI and smart work solution, Cashberri will offer foreign exchange rate risk monitoring service, Hanpass will offer overseas remittance service and Deel will offer a solution on hiring local employees and running payroll. KITA members can gain access to cutting-edge AI services, including chatbot service, optical character recognition (OCR) and voice recognition service when members subscribe to the four newly added services.

    Members will be able to make a pre-emptive move to respond to foreign exchange rate risks by monitoring the asset size exposed to such risks and estimate the amount of loss real-time by factoring in exchange rate fluctuations. Additionally, they can annually wire up to 50,000 dollars overseas in ten minutes without opening a separate account. Members can also enjoy a review of labor regulations and signing electronic employment contract on their behalf when hiring local employees.

    Seung-kwan Sin, the Executive Vice President at KITA mentioned, “We are expanding partnerships with IT solution provider companies to support small-sized and middle-sized companies engaging in the exporting sector to perform their business in a more digitalized work environment” and added, “We will not spare effort to support our members not only to save costs but also to materialize an innovative work environment.”

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