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2019 Next Rise in Seoul
2019-07-24 hit 666
2019 Next Rise in Seoul
2019 Next Rise in Seoul
2019 Next Rise in Seoul
2019 Next Rise in Seoul

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Young-ju Kim), the Korea Development Bank, Venture Capital Association, and the National Research Council of Science & Technology held 2019 Next Rise in Seoul during which global enterprises such as Samsung, Amazon, and Lenovo and 830 companies including Go-Jek, unicorns, and venture capitals around the world gathered to have startup displays, 1:1 meet-up, lectures by experts, angel investor networking and many other events.

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Photo 1, 2: A foreign guest speaker invited to 2019 Next Rise is giving a lecture.

Photo 3, 4: 1:1 meet-up between global enterprises, venture capitals, unicorns, and startups are being held.


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