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Open Innovation Day with German Corporates in Korea
2019-10-01 hit 307
2019-10-01 주한독일기업과의 오픈이노베이션 데이-4.jpg
2019-10-01 주한독일기업과의 오픈이노베이션 데이-10.jpg
2019-10-01 주한독일기업과의 오픈이노베이션 데이-18.jpg
2019-10-01 주한독일기업과의 오픈이노베이션 데이-19.jpg

“Open Innovation Day with German Corporates in Korea,” co-hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and the Korea-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CEO & Chairman: Barbara Zollmann) and sponsored by the Ministry of SME and Startups, took place on October 1st at the Startup Branch, COEX in Samsung-dong. 

BMW Group Korea and Bayer Korea participated in the event and sought ways to cooperate with 10 domestic startups that possess products and technologies in areas such as self-driving, 3D printing, AI-based disease prediction and drug development, and digital healthcare.

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