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2019 The 5th Trade Industry Forum Meeting
2019-10-30 hit 372
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2019-10-30 2019 제5차 통상산업포럼-1.jpg
2019-10-30 2019 제5차 통상산업포럼-4.jpg
2019-10-30 2019 제5차 통상산업포럼-10.jpg
2019-10-30 2019 제5차 통상산업포럼-13.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy co-hosted “2019 The 5th Trade Industry Forum Meeting” on October 30th at the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong. 

This meeting, led by Vice Chairman Han Jin-hyun of KITA and Kim Yong-rae, Assistant Secretary in Trade of the MOTIE, held discussions on main trade issues in petrochemical industry and the countermeasures with 18 experts and related personnel from petrochemical export companies and the Korea Petrochemical Industry Association.

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