Samsung mulls building first U.S. home appliance plant either in Alabama or South Carolina

By Hwang In-hyuk and Kim Dong-eun

Samsung Electronics has confirmed it is looking for a factory site either in Alabama or South Carolina that would be its first American production line for home appliances.

Samsung Electronics is set to complete its site selection in the first half of this year to roll out refrigerators and washing machines from next year. Instead of building entirely new plant, it is hunting for a site already in use.

“The two U.S. states actively offered us investment incentives. We are comparing their offerings to find the best location. We will focus on advancing the timing of plant operations there,” said a ranking Samsung Electronics official on Friday.

Samsung is the latest global company responding to U.S. President Donald Trump’s blunt bullying ways to increase jobs for Americans by threatening domestic and multinational manufacturers with high tariffs for goods manufactured outside the U.S., especially from Mexico and China.

Trump in his usual way of getting his message across, tweeted on Thursday to give the plan a push:” Thank you, Samsung. We would love to have you!”

Samsung Electronics is looking for better conditions in logistics, tax benefits and wages. Production costs will be higher in the U.S. than in China, Vietnam and elsewhere Samsung turns out home appliances. But the company deems it will save the hassles from anti-dumping lawsuits and tariff barriers.

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