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LG Elec to develop self-driving solutions under partnership with global SW firms

By Lee Jae-cheol and Lee Ha-yeon

South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. has partnered with globally renowned software firms to jointly develop integrated solutions for autonomous driving to strengthen its presence in the self-driving vehicle industry.

LG Electronics said on Sunday it has signed a contract to co-develop integrated solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with the world’s leading automotive chip maker NXP Semiconductors and Germany’s leading ADAS developer Hella Aglaia. The solutions will be designed to help autonomous vehicle makers prepare for the new global safety test, which is scheduled to be strengthened from 2020.

Under the partnership, the three companies plan to develop solutions integrating LG Electronics’ algorithm for ADAS camera and image recognition and control, NXP Semiconductors’ high-performance automotive image processor and Hella Aglaia’s ADAS software to supply it by 2020.

The solution has to pass the global safety test for vehicles dubbed Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) 2020. The test requires superior self-driving performances such as safe driving at crossroads to precisely recognize the complicated environment and quickly respond to it.

“We’ll help global automakers successfully navigate the market with our competitive solutions,” said an official at LG Electronics.

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