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South Korean curling heroes ‘Garlic Girls’ to sweep to LG Elec robot cleaners

By Lee Jae-cheol and Lee Ha-yeon

Bespectacled and focused skip and the rest of the silver-winning “Team Kim” will feature in ads for LG Electronics appliances after the Korean household white-goods maker signed a four-year sponsorship for the Korean women’s curling team.

Also dubbed Garlic Girls because the top four players not only bear the common surname of Kim but also come from the farming region of Uiseong famous for garlic farming created a sensation at home and abroad through their ascension and stunning winning streak at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and turned attention the precision sport on the ice involving stone that had been unfamiliar to Koreans until now.

Unsurprisingly, their first ad will be on cordless vacuum cleaner, LG CordZero Art Series, said the appliance maker as their feat has triggered a surge of homemade videos featuring vacuum cleaners and brooms mimicking their sweeps.

LG Electronics’ new “CordZero R9” model is an upgraded version of the existing robot vacuum models with enhanced sensor and motor with suction power of 250 watts to make it the most powerful among cordless peers, according to the company.

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