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Korean President Moon to propose constitutional reform outline next week

By Kang Gye-man and Choi Mira

The South Korean government will propose to rewrite the 1987 Constitution to allow second four-year term in the current single five-year presidency and move the presidential office and residence Blue House to the administrative city of Sejong.

President Moon Jae-in was briefed on the outline of the first constitutional amendment in more than three decades by a special advisory committee and will submit a government version based on the recommendations to the legislative on March 21, the presidential office said Tuesday.

The keystone of the constitutional reform is to revise the single-term presidential system and voting procedure. The 1987 Constitution as the outcome of democratization movement against military regimes placed presidency to a single five-year term.

The committee also recommended adopting a runoff voting in the presidential election where top two candidates should face the second round of election if there is no candidate who gains a majority vote during the initial round.

The constitutional amendment bill is also expected to include a plan to allow the public to vote to dismiss unqualified lawmakers during his or her term and allow civilian right to propose a legislation.

The National Assembly is required to vote on the amendment within 60 days once a proposal is submitted. Moon has asked the legislative to draw up a bill on constitutional reform, but formed an advisory board to draw up a government outline upon little progress in the bickering legislative.

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