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[KITA News] KITA's Business Delegation to the U.S
2022-07-04 hit 1879

Korea International Trade Association (KITA) sent a delegation to New York and Washington D.C to upgrade Korea-US alliance to a greater height. The delegation was led by Christopher Koo, Chairman of KITA, with representatives from 13 large companies including Exicon, Hyundai Motor Co., LG, SK Hynix and SeAh Steel. It was the first delegation to US since Korea-US summit on May 2022, which made its visit all the more meaningful.

As part of its outreach efforts, Korean delegation met with key leaders from the National Economic Council (NEC) and National Security Council (NSC), and members of U.S Congress.

On June 22, Chairman Koo met with US Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Bill Hagerty (Tennessee). In meetings with them, he emphasized the importance of strengthening Korea-US alliance as a trusted supply chain partner.

He also added that the first step to stronger Korea-US economic security is to promote cooperation in supply chain and it is companies and talented people that play a key role in advancing economic cooperation. He further stressed that more Korean companies are making massive investments in U.S and asked for continued support towards human resources and infrastructure.

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