Consultative Meetings on Logistics for SMEs

2024-05-09 맞춤형 물류 전문 컨설팅-2.jpg 2024-05-09 맞춤형 물류 전문 컨설팅-3.jpg 2024-05-09 맞춤형 물류 전문 컨설팅-5.jpg

KITA(Chairman Jin Sik Yoon) hosted the 'Consultative Meetings on Logistics for SMEs' on May 9th at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong. 


During the event which was held to support reduction in import/export logistics costs and more efficient logistics process of domestic SMEs, participating companies had one-on-one consultative meetings with customs attorneys and experts with over 25 years of experience in the fields of ▲logistics costs reduction, ▲utilization of tariff benefits/refunds and FTAs, and ▲logistics process review.