Dinner meeting with Japan's Kansai Association of Corporate Executives as invitee

2023-08-28 관서경제동우회 환영 만찬-9.jpg 2023-08-28 관서경제동우회 환영 만찬-18.jpg 2023-08-28 관서경제동우회 환영 만찬-47.jpg 2023-08-28 관서경제동우회 환영 만찬-49.jpg

On Monday, August 28, the Korea International Trade Association (KITA, Chairman Christopher Koo) held a dinner meeting upon inviting Japan’s Kansai Business Friendship Association at the Samsung-dong Grand Inter-continental Seoul Parnas Hotel.


The Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, which was established in 1946, is one of the three major business associations in the Kansai region, and 850 businessmen of 600 companies are participating as members.


In addition, from 2000, each year, in order to promote Korea-Japan bilateral private exchange, business delegations have been sent to Korea. This year, 26 businessmen including the leader, Sugino Toshiyuki, CEO of Sanki Group, visited Korea for three days.  


At this meeting, the KITA chairman team, including Christopher Koo, Chairman of KITA; Lee Hwi-Ryeong, Vice Chairman of SeAH Steel Corp.; Song Ho-Keun, Chairman of YG-1; Choi Myung-Bae, President of Exicon; Lee Kun-Jong, CEO of Hyosung Chemical; Lee Seung Hyun, CEO of INFAC Korea; and Kang Ho-sung, CEO of CJ’s Managerial Support Unit attended, as well as Kim Yoon, Chairman of the Korea-Japan Business Association; Yu Myung-hwan, former Korea Minister of Foreign Affairs; Shin Kak-Soo, former Korea Ambassador to Japan, totaling about 20 leaders of various sectors.


Photographing session.

(From the fourth on the left: Yu Myung-hwan, former Korea Minister of Foreign Affairs; Miyabe Yoshiyuki, Executive Vice President of Panasonic Holdings; Christopher Koo, Chairman of KITA; Kakumoto Keiji, Vice Chairman of Sumitomo Bank; and Choi Myung-Bae, President of Exicon.)