The Korea International Trade Association is awarded the Van Fleet Award

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KITA and member companies’ Donation Ceremony for the Van Fleet Foundation 


On September 20 (local time) at the 66th annual dinner of the Korea Society, held at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, New York, the Korea International Trade Association (KITA, Chairman Christopher Koo) was awarded the Van Fleet Award for its contribution to the development of Korea-U.S. relations.


The Van Fleet Award was arranged after the death of General Van Fleet in 1992, for the purpose of acclaiming his achievements and honoring his wishes. Each year, the Korea Society gives this award by selecting a person or group of both nations that contributed in promoting Korea-U.S. relations. This year, the Korea International Trade Association and the Economic Development Department of the State of Georgia was selected as the awardee of the Van Fleet Award. Christopher Koo, Chairman of KITA, and Brian Kemp, Governor of the State of Georgia, were the joint awardees.


In addition, on the morning of September 20 (local time), Chairman Koo met with the representative of the Van Fleet Foundation, Joe McChristian Jr., at the New York Branch of KITA in New York, and delivered a donation of USD 100,000 contributed by the member companies of KITA.


In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Korea-U.S. alliance, KITA delivered a message of gratitude for the devotion and effort of General Van Fleet for strengthening the basis for the alliance, and revealed that it would strive to expand friendly bilateral cooperation in the future.